RealSmoking dataset structure

  • Root Path

    • data

      • origin

      • featureset (very large size ~ 3.0G)

      • pkl

    • src

      • venv

      • codes

    • results

    • supplies

      • consolidate_plots

      • posture_example_plots

      • publication_plots

      • puffing_example_plots

  1. data/origin folder contains raw sensor data and annotation files.

  2. data/featureset folder contains all generated feature sets used by the detection model.

    Note that this folder will not normally be included into the version control repository, as they are intermediate results and can be very large size.

  3. data/pkl folder contains all binary intermediate files that can be loaded with the python serialization package pickle. These intermediate files are featureset files in binary format, with 50% less size).

  4. src folder contains the python source code used in the paper in codes folder, and all required packages in venv folder. It is recommended to use virtual environment when running the codes.

  5. results folder stores all results generated by the source code in .csv format.

  6. supplies folder stores all plots.

    1. publication_plots stores all plots used in the final publication.

    2. consolidate_plots stores supplimentary plots showing and comparison of model prediction and visual inspection along with annotations.

    3. posture_example_plots stores raw sensor data plot along with annotations for different posture examples.

    4. puffing_example_plots stores raw sensor data plot along with annotations for different puffing examples.